[Health flower tea]_Health flower tea_How to drink_How to drink

[Health flower tea]_Health flower tea_How to drink_How to drink

Health care, we can’t ignore it in life, and if we want to achieve better health care, dietary health care methods in life should pay attention to, some flower teas have good health effects, such as lemon tea, hawthorn tea andChrysanthemum ginseng tea is better for body health.

1, lemon tea This kind of tea can smooth phlegm, eliminate fatigue and relieve headaches.

The method is also very simple. Cut two to three slices of fresh lemon, add 1g of salt, and brew with hot boiling water.

Drink this tea while it is hot, it will become bitter when it is cold.

It is slight before and after meals and does not hurt the stomach.

2, Hawthorn tea 20g hawthorn, 200g sugar cane, decoction to remove residue, when mixed with tea.

It has the functions of clearing heat and purging fire, moistening dryness and quenching thirst.

3. Lavender lemon tea making: Pick 5-6 lemon slices or lemon juice from lavender dried flower buds.

Add dried lavender buds and lemon slices to a tea cup, add boiling water to cover 5?
For 10 minutes, if it is paired with lemon juice, add it after the tea is light green and cool.

Efficacy: The lavender aroma is loved by women. It has been nourishing, relieve stress and relieve fatigue since ancient times. Lemon has diuretic effect, promotes digestion and blood circulation, relieves contraction, and emits a faint fragrance.Inspiring, but pregnant women should not contain tea with lemon.

4, chrysanthemum ginseng tea making: picking dried chrysanthemum buds 4?
5 ginseng 10?
20 grams.

Cut the ginseng into fine pieces, put it into chrysanthemum flower buds, and cover with hot water for 10?
About 15 minutes.

Efficacy: The saponin and multivitamins contained in ginseng have a good regulating effect on the human nervous system, which can improve human immunity and effectively eliminate fatigue, while the chrysanthemum smells fragrant and has a fire-extinguishing and clear-cut effect. Among them, the deviceRefreshing effect, but people with high blood pressure should not use ginseng, and ginseng should not be taken with tea, coffee, radish.

5, rose mint tea production: choose 4-5 dried rose buds, a small amount of mint.

Add dried roses to the cup with mint and cover to 10?
15 minutes, it is better to let the tea cool down after refreshing.

Efficacy: People’s emotions tend to fluctuate on the night of spring and summer transfers, and the sweet and pure fragrance of roses can dilute the bitterness of mint, which serves two purposes.